Saturday, June 8, 2013

 Its been a long time since I last wrote on my blog  Karen had to  teach me how to scan my pictures and download them but here we are .            I was introduced to zentangle by Carol in my first art class for the year she brought in some pictures that she did during the holiday, one look and I knew I had to have a go, so here they are.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our trip to Kangaroo Island
For our 50th birthday our family and friends all chipped in to give us a trip to K I
Here we are waiting to go on the ferry
 We both loved being on the ferry watching the water and feeling the freedom of leaving the every day world behind heading into a brand new adventure.

 we had to stop at the Honey Farm  to learn about the bees and try out their honey ice cream ,its so yummy I'm sure Karen would absolutely love it.

                                                      Here is  Big Gavo the Queen Bee

                                                      And here not to be outdone is me

Seal bay was absolutely amazing we loved seeing the seals as we walked along the beatch and our tour guide told us lots about the seals and their way of life

I just had to take a photo of these beautiful creating an arch over the road

      we enjoyed seeing all the animals at the wildlife reserve although we did struggle with the fact many were in small cages. Luckily there were quiet a few with a bit more freedom

Gavin enjoying a last sleep in at our holiday retreat

 T           Our temporary home
     we found a lovely little craft\coffee shop were we had a coffee and found this great quilt

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

50th Birthdayparty

On Saturday we celebrated our 50th birthday party together.
We had many friends and family who came to celebrate with us and helped us make it a special night. This was a great time to catch up with people we don't get to see very often as well as those we see regularly. We got this group photo (although I don't think this was everyone).  
Despite the weather forecast, which didn't sound too good, we managed to have a fire and the weather stayed fairly good all night. Karen and Kylie were kind enough to take lots of photos
The Girls organised a suprise trip to Kangaroo Island with the help of both friends and family.
Thanks to all those who put in for the present and for making the night so special 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 50th Birthday Tea

My birthday was really great!
 I woke up and my mum made yummy scones with jam and cream for breakfast. After a lovely relaxed breakfast with Mum, Dad, Helena and Gavin and a quick tidy up Mum and I went to Ikea for a browse and a cup of coffee.
Afterwards we met Helena, Jo and Levin for lunch in Prospect we all had a very lovely lunch and enjoyed getting together although at times like this we sometimes wish Els could be there as well .
By the time we got back to Mum+ Dads , Mum was ready for a rest and I decided to get some fuel for heading home later, then read for a while till dad got up Rang Els in Holland and had a good chat ,than a quick bit off shopping before heading to Karen+Bennys for tea.
where we cooked lasagna together and Karen made apple berry crumble for desert
We had a lovely meal and great fun hanging out together wish you were there AJ
Next time we need you there for our dressing-gown party

Monday, June 28, 2010

My new chickens

Here are my new chikens karen and i brought them back with us after our trip to Adelaide,they love exploring their new home and I love siting outside and watching them get rid of the weeds which will take a while as there are somany of them but Im sure the chikens apreciate their abundance

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 24th Anneke!!!

what a great weekend we picked up Karen+Benny on the way to Adelaide on saterday .had a lovely tea at Mum + Dads then Gavin and I went to the flinders hospital to visit Greaham,had a good chat then headed back to catch up with the others .On sunday we got up and helped to organise Annekes Birthday lunch catching up with the vanAdrighem clan plus spouses and kids, it was great to see them all even though the trip was fairly short we all had a great lunch  I love catching up with everryone