Monday, June 28, 2010

My new chickens

Here are my new chikens karen and i brought them back with us after our trip to Adelaide,they love exploring their new home and I love siting outside and watching them get rid of the weeds which will take a while as there are somany of them but Im sure the chikens apreciate their abundance

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 24th Anneke!!!

what a great weekend we picked up Karen+Benny on the way to Adelaide on saterday .had a lovely tea at Mum + Dads then Gavin and I went to the flinders hospital to visit Greaham,had a good chat then headed back to catch up with the others .On sunday we got up and helped to organise Annekes Birthday lunch catching up with the vanAdrighem clan plus spouses and kids, it was great to see them all even though the trip was fairly short we all had a great lunch  I love catching up with everryone

Remember when Road trip with Karen 7 may 2007

Road tripping in the country with my little dude,listening to Jack Johnson,and enjoying the view.
A chance to remember that LIFE IS GOOD
The green of the meadows,grey of the sky
The world is such a beautifull place especialy
when were on adventure together
opp shopping.craft shopping,looking for scrapbooking suplies

stoped to look at Spogs shed and other things on the way
we laughed about the seller door sales,getting me drunk before work
all and all a great road trip