Monday, March 23, 2009

Adelaide weekend

well I thought it was about time for another post I spent the weekend in Adelaide and had a great time catching up with Mum ,Dad, Helena and Madi on Friday night, Levin & Jo on Saturday during the day. It's always so relaxing to spend time with my sisters - I'm so lucky to have 4 of them. It was great to catch up with what is happening in their lives, and Levin and I always like to catch up on each others latest projects. On Saturday night Anneke joined us and we made plans to go shopping, I've come to realise that shopping for someone else's clothes can be very frustrating when their not there. Still in the end Anneke and I found a nice outfit for Kane and then got the chance to go to Spotlight - one of my favorite shops. I love the patchwork fabric section and Anneke just likes to browse. We also caught up with Gavin for lunch and had some Chinese. Mum and Dad made leftovers for tea and then we went to Dales 21st Birthday celebration which was really lovely.I left Adelaide at about 9 pm to head home. Had a bit of a scare on the way home when the car in the other lane started to push in so I hit the skids and came to a stand still. Unbeknown to me, some idiot was going up the freeway the wrong way which left the other driver no choice but to try to get in the left lane and hopefully not hit the truck that was there ,although we all got a big shock no one was hurt as for the car going the wrong way it didn't even stop I wonder how long it took to realise it was going the wrong way. well that's it for now. Din

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been a bit slack of late. I had the weekend off but really didn't get very much although I did empty out two bookshelves and I am endeavoring to get my old bedroom ready to paint the walls. I've nearly got all the furniture out and have started to fill the cracks so the house is rather chaotic but it will all be worth it in the long run.

Meanwhile the usual jobs around the house are getting put off all the time. I've decided to get rid of my Sunday day shift in the hope of finding myself a bit more energy, and a bit more keen to get stuck into my chores and home decorating. Well its time to sign off and get some sleep as I'm always extra tiered after my first night shift.