Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our trip to Kangaroo Island
For our 50th birthday our family and friends all chipped in to give us a trip to K I
Here we are waiting to go on the ferry
 We both loved being on the ferry watching the water and feeling the freedom of leaving the every day world behind heading into a brand new adventure.

 we had to stop at the Honey Farm  to learn about the bees and try out their honey ice cream ,its so yummy I'm sure Karen would absolutely love it.

                                                      Here is  Big Gavo the Queen Bee

                                                      And here not to be outdone is me

Seal bay was absolutely amazing we loved seeing the seals as we walked along the beatch and our tour guide told us lots about the seals and their way of life

I just had to take a photo of these beautiful creating an arch over the road

      we enjoyed seeing all the animals at the wildlife reserve although we did struggle with the fact many were in small cages. Luckily there were quiet a few with a bit more freedom

Gavin enjoying a last sleep in at our holiday retreat

 T           Our temporary home
     we found a lovely little craft\coffee shop were we had a coffee and found this great quilt