Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Karens 21st birthday

Its been ages since I last wrote. I was rather busy getting organised for Karens 21st birthday party which we decided would be an afternoon tea party. Luckily everyone helped with the baking and my sister Jo and her husband David let us have it at their house so pepoel didn't have to travel as far. Anneke and I organised a pin up board with photos of Karen over the last 21 years and we also bought her an outdoor table from the family. As usual a great time was had by us all. I spent the Saturday at Jo's with Anneke and Karen and the Forsters geting everything ready and with lots of hands on deck it was quick work and also very enjoyable. So we were quite relaxed when the guests arrived at 3 pm. Although there was the inevitable trips to the kitchen to do a few dishes and make tea or coffee but it was such a festive mood that even those jobs were quite fun. The Tuesday after was Karen's actual birthday so I headed to Port Wakefield after work and enjoyed the rest of the day with Anneke, Karen, Kylie, and Sara. Benny's parents joined us for a BBQ tea although it was geting pretty cold by then so Benny cooked outside but we ate inside. All in all I think Karen thoroughly enjoyed her Birthday.