Sunday, February 22, 2009


Life seems so busy sometimes, that at times we wonder where it is all going. Since making my bag at Karen's place life has been on fast forward - or at least it feels that way.Ive had two nights at bowls - 1 win 3 losses.
Had another day at Karen's when my mum and two sisters came over. I left straight after work and we all had a great day. I'm trying to start emptying my bedroom ready for painting. Unlike most people this is not a quick job - being the hoarder I am. So far Ive moved out my sewing table and accessories and then there I had to clearthe dresser with glass doors which had to leave the main living area due to family day care. This morning I thought I'd move the bed out and the bedside cupboards and then realised, whoops, no allen key, oh well I'll manage ......Or not...... bed is now stuck in the hallway, so I thought Id have a rest from all that pulling and shoving and check out some blogs and write my own . Bye the way Karen Ive finally finished the binding on my Blue loveheart quilt. it will look great on the bed once I get it in the room .
On reflection I could have saved myself a lot of effort if I had waited till I found (think I'll buy)
the allen key but as a leo I am rather stubborn at times,and don't always like to give in. So I'm signing off to go to the hardware store. Dineke

Sunday, February 8, 2009

sewing my new bag

I had a lazy start to the day then headed to Port Wakefield to see Karen and the kids. The plan was to make my new bag as Karen had made herself one and I really liked it.
so I got busy cutting and sewing in between cuppas and lunch

and the end result was this great bag almost finished, final touches to be added when I got home as the day has disappeared on me and it was time to head home.

Friday, February 6, 2009

hi well this is my first go at bloging my sister levin and daughter Karen have been bloging for quite some time.Life is changing all the time,Karen moved out just before chrismas and Im still geting used to the changes,allthough she regularly comes for visits on my weekend of so yesterday she came 0ver for a swim at the beach and a sleepover her friend kylie is coming over later then a picnic at the beach for tea