Monday, June 28, 2010

My new chickens

Here are my new chikens karen and i brought them back with us after our trip to Adelaide,they love exploring their new home and I love siting outside and watching them get rid of the weeds which will take a while as there are somany of them but Im sure the chikens apreciate their abundance


  1. hi mum,thats some darn cute chookies youve got there! hope their being good girls:)

  2. yay! welcome to the world of chicken owners. i'm not sure if you know this, but life is just a bit sweeter when you have chickens. hope they get through those weeds in no time at all. make sure you make a little bit of time to sit out there and watch them - they are hilarious :)

  3. I found your site courtesy of your daughters blog. How cute, did you name them or did Karen send them with names? Either way best of luck with the chicks, sure they will keep you busy.

  4. hi mum, i gave you a beautiful blogger award on my blog, go check it out x0x0