Saturday, April 11, 2009

catching up with old friends

After reading karen's Blog I'm reminded of how lucky I am. Thanks to Karen I had a lovely weekend recently because she got back in contact with Miff.

She was a part of our life for quite some time, almost like an other daughter. Then she moved away and we lost track of her, although the girls sometimes caught up with some news. I was pleasantly surprised when Karen said she was coming to see her and would I like to join them for lunch, which I did, after only 4 hrs sleep after my nightshift.

I did some shoping for lunch and headed over, a little tired but rather excited. Karen and I stood at the backdoor and waited to see her arrive although we had no idea what sort of car she was driving and we had to ring her to fix up some wrong directions but at last she arrived and we had a lovely walk around Karen's home town with Gavin, Karen, Miff and myself.

Afterwards Gav and I headed home so I could cook spaghetti as Miff, Karen, Kylie and Sarah were coming over for tea and a a sleepover. It was just like old times unfortunately Anneke wasn't with us, we all missed having her there but she had to work that day.

Last weekend I headed for Adelaide as Kaori and her boys were over from Japan and they were having a farewell BBQ. Gav and I caught up with anneke on Saturday in Glenelg. We had coffee/gelati at a coffee shop, did some shopping and then Gav and I had a ride on the ferris wheel which was rather fun. Things sure look different from that height!

I caught up with most of my family at the bBQ on Saturday night, then headed home on Sunday. I was meant to do lots of things when I got home but felt so tired that I went to bed and read a book and had an early night.

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